Installation of a Weiss accessible temperature test chamber at ERICSSON in Budapest, Hungary

A custom-sized accessible temperature test chamber has been designed and installed tailored to the needs of our multinational client engaged in telecommunication and IT equipment development in cooperation with the expert engineers from Weiss Technik

Walk-In temperature and climate chambers

The specified dimensions of the test equipment and the characteristics of the installation site did not allow the system to be delivered from Germany in pre-installed condition. There was only one freight elevator available in the building for handling purposes which meant that the components of the machine had to be individually delivered to the installation site and then assembled on site.

The commissioning procedure involved system regulation (using a thermal load simulation of 20 kW), calibration and test run.

Thermal cycle tests require the operation of device specimens which meant that the electric installations needed for their power supply and communications had to be performed on site.

The range of specified temperature limits was significant (i.e. -10 to +60 oC) resulting in a scaling for the compensation of 20 kW heat intake. This has a great impact on the system's cooling capacity.

PT100 sensors with variable position adjustment can be fitted on the product specimens to enable simultaneous tracing and monitoring of temperature across multiple points.

Remote supervision of the temperature test chamber can be implemented, via SIMPATI software or a unique program, even from another room in the same building (via Ethernet port).