IMV shakers – Short-term delivery and flexible financing – Rent or hire purchase

The IMV provides you with a special service: Currently some of our shaker models are available at short notice and we offer flexible financing models.

IMV_Shakers_Rent or hire purchase

Special conditions for special times 
The global economy faces enormous changes and challenges. For producers and retailers, e-commerce means ever faster product cycles and customers want their orders to be delivered to them as quickly as possible. It is now even more important to make all processes even more efficient.

Flexible financing models and short-term deliveries 
Therefore, IMV provides you with a special service: Currently, some of our shaker models are available at short notice and we offer flexible financing models. Our shakers are pre-assembled and can be flexibly adapted to your needs, for example with direct coupling to a thermal chamber, external air supply, or a slip table. Especially air-cooled models in the range of 3–74 kN, are available for you at short notice.

You can currently purchase different shakers at different conditions via rent or hire purchase. Do you have any questions about financing options? Contact us and we will show you our current special conditions. To accommodate your needs, we design our financing conditions as flexibly as do your wishes and needs currently require. Regardless of whether you rent for several weeks or months, or hire purchase after a few years, almost every financing model is possible.

Transport simulations for packaging – Rent cheap now 
In 2020, more and more people discovered online shopping and more and more goods are being ordered online worldwide and thus also being shipped online. Transport simulations for packaging are therefore becoming more and more important. Here too, IMV offers a specially developed, compact shaker that can perform tests according to official standards such as ISO, JIS, ASTM, and Amazon. Thanks to our flexible financing, you can now establish your own test series even more quickly and cost-effectively.

Save electricity and reduce costs 
An ECO-Shaker model from IMV helps to make your processes cheaper and more efficient. Save energy and time and thus directly costs for your test series by using the economical and easy-to-use ECO-Shaker models.

Please contact us by email or give us a call, and a qualified staff member will advise you.